The city of Venice is universally recognized as the most beautiful city in the world and has been elected a World Heritage site by UNESCO. This has contributed to make the third Italian city with the highest tourist flow.

Learn Italian in Venice

It reached a new trend in tourism: many tourists want to attend the school “Italiano a Venezia” of Rossella Natale and explore the city while learning the language, walking street, sailing by boat or cooking Italian foods.

But what motivates visitors to come into Italy? The Belpaese continues to be a destination still to be discovered and, above all, grows their interest in local identity of territories, unique asset that encourages the curiosity of tourists from all over the world.

The flow of tourists is concentrated in periods such as during the Carnival and the summer time. The city offers many activities and the most trendy among foreigners is to learn Italian in Venice, while living Italy with that sense of identity typically that the rest of the world envies.

Due to this school, tourists can take Italian cooking classes, they can tasting Italian wine with typical Italian cicchetti or doing Italian’s lessons on the boat, the means of transport used in the Venetian lagoon.

The main types of classes offered by the school are individual lessons of Italian or lessons for groups, but also offers individual lessons of pronunciation, dedicated the singers who want to learn the habits of the phonic Italian language.

Learn Italian in Venice - Learn Italian by using the language in the everyday activities, around Venice

Learn Italian in Venice with individual lessons – In case you prefer more direct contact with the language, everyday Italian language activities outside the classroom can also be designed for you.