During your holidays, studying a foreign language in the school of Italian in Venice help you to appreciate the country you are visiting.

Classes of Italian in Venice

Classes of Italian in VeniceHave you ever thought about studying a foreign language during the holidays? Maybe overseas?
Learning another language is useful for your holidays and for your job. If you’re a type who likes to travel, the full immertion to another country will allow you to quickly improve the understanding and use of this language.

But what language to learn?
Obviously the Italian! The Italian language is essential for those who often visit the beautiful Italy and learn at the school of Italian in Venice helps you maximize your time studying the language, living in Italian culture and visiting Venice, the most romantic city in the world.

Where to go?
For an Italian language course can be a good option Venice, a unique city that you will not lose too much having to move around and where there is a school of Italian in Venice.

How challenging is?
The classes of Italian in Venice are organized into weekly modules, from Monday to Friday, and the school offers individual Italian lessons, group lessons of italian language, pronunciation lessons for opera singers, cooking lessons of italian dishes, Italian lessons on boat, touring the beautiful Venetian lagoon, and tastings of italian wine and “Cicchetti”, typical Venetian appetizers.

So, what you waiting for? For the upcoming holidays you already know where to go!

Classes of Italian in Venice - School of Italian in Venice - Learn italian language at the school Italiano a Venezia

Classes of Italian in Venice – Italiano a Venezia, Learn Italian in Venice with the School of Italian in Venice.